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A variety of insulation methods

A variety of insulation methods

it is important for buildings that it remains warm inside in the winter months and cool in the summer months so that the house is habitable

Buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. regularly have to deal with weather influences that affect their materials.

For this reason, structures must be well insulated against weather influences.

In addition, it is important for buildings that it remains warm inside in the winter months and cool in the summer months so that the house is habitable.

We What types of isolation methods are there?


Building insulation

There are several options available when insulating a building.

This includes soil insulation, floor insulation, crawl space isolation or basement insulation, wall insulation, facade insulation, insulating glass or roof insulation.

There are various options for insulating a building. Insulation can be preventive, but also as a solution. Good insulation contributes to maintaining the quality of the building and prevents moisture problems.

Soil insulation

When there is a high groundwater level, water is given the opportunity to penetrate the building and affect the structure.

Good soil insulation can therefore be achieved by means of drainage systems.

Excavations are then carried out around the house and drainage pipes are installed that regulate the soil water.erefore need to gain insight into the diversity of isolation methods.

Floor insulation

In cases where the bottom contains only a layer of concrete, there may still be water problems because of the surface water.

Only pouring concrete is an outdated method of floor insulation. It is recommended to apply a liquid-tight coating to the concrete floor.

Then it is good to seal the cracks and seams as well. The sealing can be done with a flexible mortar which forms to the chimneys. A good floor insulation is also energy efficient and easy to install.


Crawl space insulation / basement insulation

The basement floor comes into contact with groundwater if there is poor insulation or no insulation at all. It is recommended to insulate the crawl space with insulation chips because of the high insulation value of the product. It absorbs the groundwater and contains of an sustainable material.

Also and spray foam insulation is recommended, because it can be applicated to the top of the crawl space where mostly condense forms. Don’t forget to wear a mask when using spray foam insulation.

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