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Logic Water is a moisture-resistant sealant used to solve capillary moisture. First of all, a hole will be drilled every 25 centimeters. Then Logic Water will be injected. The moisture is then pushed out of the pores of the wall, after which it evaporates. The drying process is a maximum of three months. The technical composition of Logic Water makes it possible to repel water, but allow air to circulate.

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Biobased products based on Pico Technology

Pico Technology is based on a technology 1000 times smaller than Nano. Pores are available in different surfaces and vary in sizes. This means we can reach the pores deeper than others and can offer a better protection. This comes with a long-term warranty of 20+ years. With our technology we make sure that the building material is protected against water and moisture but at the same time let´s air go through. Air circulation is important for a healthy environment and makes the life span of the material longer. Biobased technology is the future! The world is getting more conscious and cares more about earth. It is our responsibility to take care and make sure we don´t harm. We as Logic Chemie keep developing our products and make sure that our products are as biobased and durable as possible.





Benefits of our Product

The technical composition of Logic Water makes it possible to reach and dry out years of moisture and water. This normally causes leakage and rotting of the surface.



Rising damp enters the foundation of the home through the crawl space (or basement) or through the walls. The cause is groundwater that seeps into the masonry of the house, causing your walls to become damp. Good water insulation against rising damp can be achieved with Logic Water injections. Logic Water is a liquid that is applied to the foundation of the walls using a drip system. Because of its technical composition, Logic Water nestles itself in the pores of the wall. Once nested, a surface tension is created that causes the water in the walls to be repelled and evaporate. In addition, there is air circulation in the pores that contributes to the drying of the walls



Basement floors pressurized water

Ground floor water problems

Pressurized water problems in tunnels

Water problems in stone types



Holes are drilled in the wall every 25 cm. Next, bottles filled with Logic Water are placed in the drilled holes. These bottles should remain in the walls for a minimum of 24 hours. By means of drops of Logic Water, the wall is given the opportunity to absorb the liquid well. After 24 hours, the bottles can be removed and the drilled holes can be sealed with a mortar.

How does Logic Insulation work ?

Step 1 :

Check Surface and remove excess material.

The application of Logic Water is easy. Drill holes every 25 cm so 4 holes each meter.

Step 2 :

Make holes in the problem area

Place bottles or packers in the holes and pour in Logic Water

Step 3 :

Insert bottles into holes

After injection let the product soak up completely this variates between 1-7 days. Approximate usage of 200-250 ml each hole. After you can take out the packers/bottles and fill up the gaps.

Step 4 :

Test and complete the process.

The walls needs to dry completely. This can take up to 3 months. Logic Water has a guaranteed protection of 20 years.

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