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why is waterproofing basement important to your property

why is waterproofing basement important to your property

Basements may be used for different purposes, so according to the type of use of these places, it is necessary to pay attention to their maintenance

Basements are a very unique space in the house and are used for several purposes. In some cases, an additional room is located in this space. Basements are mostly used as storage space.

Basements may be used for different purposes, so according to the type of use of these places, it is necessary to pay attention to their maintenance.

One of the important measures that can be taken to repair and maintain basements is to waterproof them. But this waterproofing in the basement is always ignored. Waterproofing services are provided by us at Logic Isolation. The importance of waterproofing is discussed below:

Protect your home's foundation with waterproofing

Basements are part of the foundation of the house. The foundation is actually the part that keeps the house safe for you. If there is a water leak in the foundation, it will cause major problems including cracks.Basic problems are prevented with waterproofing, and this increases the life of the building.


Protect the items you store in the basement

As we said, in most cases, basements are considered as an extra room or a space for storing extra accessories. If it is for any of the mentioned cases, the necessary measures should be taken to waterproof the basement. These additional devices are significantly damaged in the presence of water.

Prevent flooding

Flooding is definitely a serious risk for basements. If this flood is continuous, it will cause significant damage to your house.

Prevent mold and pests

Mold attacks on buildings cause problems such as allergies, asthma, skin problems, coughs, etc. Molds cause problems in your building, especially if it is wooden. Basements are the best places for mold to grow due to their dark and humid conditions.Basements are rarely cleaned and have no visitors, so they are ideal for attracting pests.

Rats and other reptiles can be mentioned among these pests. By waterproofing the basement, you will be safe from mold and pest attacks.

Lower energy costs

If you have a hot and humid basement, energy costs will increase drastically. The reason for this is that water keeps a high temperature for a long time. Also, cracks are created in the foundation and this allows air to pass through . To cool and heat such a house, more money needs to be paid.But a building that does not have a leak in its basement has a higher energy efficiency.

Reduction of repairs and insurance damages

Usually, basements that have water leaks have to pay a lot of money to repair and maintain them. If he wants to cover that cost from insurance, its reimbursement is also very expensive. Avoid all the extra costs by waterproofing your basement.

Increase in property value

When you want to sell your house, real estate inspectors will inspect your house completelyIf the basement of your house is dry, it will be easier to sell. Buyers guarantee your home without doing a home inspection.

Final result

Waterproofing your basement is a hassle-free way to extend the life of your building and foundation. Contact our experts for information about Logic Isolation insulation products with a twenty-year warranty.

Our insulation products have penetrated to the deepest levels due to the use of pico technology (particles smaller than nano - particles a thousand times smaller than nano).

These insulation products are completely bio-based and do not harm the environment or animals.


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